Hybrid Propulsion

We deliver complete hybrid propulsion systems including electric motor, inverters, energy storage, remote control and power management systems which are designed according to individual requests of the customer.

Combined Shore/Thruster Converter

The combined shore-thruster converter system is a multi-purpose inverter system designed to operate for different applications. During sailing, maneuvering and DP the system is used to drive the thruster motor, while during shore/docking the same switchboard is used to power the main switchboard with shore voltage.

Shore Converter

The shore converter system supplies power to the main switchboard with shore voltage. The system is fully compatible with all types of shore breakers and complying with world-wide shore-grid supply regulations and restrictions.

Hybrid Grid Converters

The hybrid grid converter system supplies power to the main switchboard using multiple power sources. This multi-purpose inverter system includes shore voltage supply, solar power input, an energy storage system and a fuel cell generator. The system operates as virtual 3-phase generator and its main purpose is to replace a traditional auxiliary diesel generator onboard the vessel.