Anchor Heading Control System

The anchor heading system is a customizable control unit for maneuvering plants. This fully automatic control system can be adapted to different thruster configurations. The PLC based control system consists of a control unit and a touch panel that communicate with each other.

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Basic Function

The actual vessel heading is communicated from the Gyro-Compass system of the vessel. The operator can set a target heading with the help of the operating lever. The control system uses the stern thruster to turn/hold the vessel to the lever heading angle. The control system calculates the difference angle from lever heading and compass heading. The thrust direction and speed is adjusted to turn (hold) the vessel on the lever heading position.

Heading Control

The heading control is the main task of the control system. During anchoring, the system controls the stern thruster to maintain the vessel heading. The thrust of the stern thruster is set to operate against the anchor chain. In case of wind force or water drift the heading drift is compensated by forcing an opposite thrust. The vessel heading can be set with the help of the operating lever.