RCP2000 Remote Control System

The RCP2000 is a customizable remote control system for main and auxiliary propulsion plants. This fully automated control system has been approved by all major ship classification societies and can be adapted to different thruster configurations. The system was developed as a product replacement for the very successful AFA1 and AFA5011 remote control systems, of which more than 500 units have been delivered.

Integrated Thruster Control System

The Integrated Bridge Thruster Control System (TCS) is an independent and customizable bridge automation system for all types of main and auxiliary propulsion systems. The TCS was designed to integrate the thruster systems from all major propulsion manufacturers into one clear thruster control system.

Anchor Heading Control System

The anchor heading system is a customizable remote control system for maneuvering plants. This fully automatic control system can be adapted to different configurations. The heading control is the main task of the control system. During anchoring, the system controls the maneuvering thrusters to maintain the vessel heading.