Diesel-electric Propulsion Systems

SER Schiffselektronik Rostock GmbH also directs another attention to the field of switchgear and automation systems. We deliver complete diesel-electric propulsion systems including electric motor, frequency converter, remote control and power management systems which are designed to individual requests of the customer.

SER supplies propulsion packages for variable pitch propeller as well as rudder propellers, tunnel thruster and pump jets. For fitting out our products only the most modern electronic control devices and operating systems are taken into consideration. Our installations are used worldwide on board Cargo, Yachts, Offshore and special-purpose ships.

Application & Design

SER Schiffselektronik Rostock GmbH offers the Harmonic analyses and THD simulations for complete ship networks according to the rules of classification societies. We also provide solutions for existing ship projects and offer recommendations for reducing the THD.

PWM Converters

Depending on the customer needs, SER selects the costs efficient converter design to fulfill class requirements

  • 6-pulse with passive harmonic filters 
  • 6-, 12-, 18- and 24-pulse frequency converters  with  phase shift transformers
  • Regenerative and non-regenerative AFE (active front end) converter systems
  • Active harmonic filters with real-time compensation function
  • Air cooled and water cooled frequency converter systems
  • Integrated power management interface for dynamic load control

Thruster Motors

The propulsion motors are individually designed for each project according to the thruster requirements. SER offers different cooling solutions fulfilling special customer needs.