Switchgear and distributions

We design and manufacture low-voltage switchgear and distributions with rated current up to 6,000 A for use in ships and in the industrial sector. The main areas of application for our switchgear are generator switchboards, consumer switchboards, motor starters and distributions for use in ships.

Generator Panels:

  • Generator breaker, indicators for voltage, current, frequency and power
  • Generator and busbar protection
  • Engine control and interface
  • Synchronization and load sharing function
  • Automatic power management system
  • Automatic and manual control

Consumer Panels and Motor Control Centers:

  • Y- Δ motor starters with auto-transformer for fixed speed CPP tunnel thruster up to 1500kW
  • Motor starters for auxiliary systems

Shore connection and tie-breakers:

  • Automatic or manual load transfer from or to shore connection
  • Split mode selection for split busbar mode and also automatic section resynchronization

Power Management System:

  • Load depended start/stop function
  • Automatic thruster power limitation and blackout prevention

Generators and power distribution:

  • Short circuit calculation according to IEC61363
  • ekW and kVA rating according to the different modes of ship operation