Function. Quality. Safety.

All products and services of SER Schiffselektronik Rostock GmbH guarantee a high standard. The are in compliance with the rules and regulations of all major ship´s classification societies. In the area of shipbuilding we offer:

Bridge control desks and control stands

  • Integrated bridge systems
  • Bridge control desks and bridge wing consoles
  • Safety desks
  • Radio desks
  • Chart tables
  • Engine control platforms
  • Marine control stations
  • Control desks for technological systems

Main switchboard - power generation and distribution

  • Generator Panels
  • Consumer Panels
  • Power Management
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Power, light, heating, ventilation distributions
  • Shore Connection Panels
  • Tie-Breaker Panels

Diesel-Electric Propulsion Systems

  • Design and simulation of ship power grid networks
  • PWM Converters
  • Propulsion Motors
  • Remote Control Systems

Hybrid Solutions

  • Hybrid Propulsion
  • Shore Converter
  • Combined Shore/Thruster Inverter
  • Grid Converter
  • Energy Storage / Peak Shaver
  • Fuel Cell Grid Converter

Propulsion Control Systems

  • Remote control system for main- and axillary propulsion/thrusters
  • Integrated bridge thruster control system
  • Anchor heading control system

Automation plants

  • Machinery monitoring systems
  • Temperature controlled systems for sea water and freshwater cooling pumps and engine room fans
  • Stand-by control systems
  • Customized control systems

Switchgear assembly for industrial applications

  • Rolling-mills
  • Waterworks
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Refrigeration plants
  • Food industrie

THD - Total Harmonic Distortion

SER offers the simulation of the harmonics of the complete power network. Our simulation software makes it possible to simulate big power grid networks on the basis of the components and the true circuit diagrams of the equipment.